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Published Feb 05, 22
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Wingsuit Flying – Combines Skydiving And Hand Gliding Only people who have skydived at least 200 times in their life are allowed to try wingsuit flying. Yes, it happens to be that dangerous! And even then, no one can ever call themselves to have perfected this feat since there are numerous unforeseen hurdles when you’re flying in the air.

11. Running Of The Bulls – Most Dangerous Race In The World Abhay Deol in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara may have said that it’s not an adventure sport, but we beg to differ. Every year in Pamplona, Spain, men (and women) dress up in white clothes and wear a red waistband and neckerchief to participate in what can be called the most dangerous race in the world – the race against ferocious bulls.

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The Cage Of Death – Popular Darwin Tourist Attraction Darwin’s Crocosaurus Cove is Australia’s largest saltwater crocodile cove that has now been converted into an adventure realm for daredevils. It is here that you’re suspended in a glass cage and there’s nowhere to run to when these deadly reptiles coming knocking at your door! This ‘Cage of Death’ is the best way to watch the ferocity of these crocs and emerge victorious after having survived the terror attacks.

13. White Water Rafting – Recreational Outdoor Activity River rafting has various difficulty levels called rapids involved, and with each increasing rapid, the chance of getting out of the water alive diminishes. Many a times, the high level rapids in white water rafting can devour even the most hard-core rafters! There are plenty of thrilling and treacherous river stretches in the world where white water rafting can be practiced to understand why it’s on the list of extremely .

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14. Heli-Skiing – A Downhill Skiing Heli-skiing is practiced in entirely untouched and natural sites and is not for novices owing the dangers involved. You’re dropped off via a helicopter before you begin your feat and there is usually a much steeper and more dangerous slope than normal skiing for the adrenaline junkies and daredevils out there.

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15. Tow-In Surfing – For Experienced Trainers If you wish to tame those monstrous waves instead of just settling for those small ones while you surf, then this sport was made for you! As the name suggests, Tow-In Surfing is the advanced form of surfing where you surf really fast waves 30 feet to 80 feet high.

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If you don’t surf faster than the wave, it’ll swallow you whole in no time! 16. Wing Walking – Finest Adventure Sports If you too want those “Khilaadi” feels where Akshay Kumar is fastened to a place thousands of feet in the air, then Wing Walking is what you need to do.

17. Hang Gliding – For Adventure Freaks If you’ve experienced paragliding, you’d absolutely love this! This is an aerial sport where a glider is harnessed to a wing-foot securely and then he launches himself into the sky from a cliff, pretty much of what you do in paragliding. Then how exactly is it dangerous? Well, the dangerous part is that the entire control of the direction and speed is in the glider’s hand (and body weight), which means he has to be a hell of an expert to pull this off! The best place to practice this adventure sport is the Alps.

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BMX Racing – For The Bike Lovers This isn’t just some normal car or bike racing, there are a lot of dangers involved in terms of the speed and terrain. Mostly the terrain! Suited only for professionals, BMX racing requires tremendous strength, focus, swiftness, and most of all, guts! And there’s never a straight and smooth road where you engage in such extremely dangerous adventure sports.